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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary's Hair White

The very best quality Hair White to be used for old age effects for all colors of hair. Apply to side burns and eye brows for an old age effect. Apply with a large tooth brush or use the applicator included with Hair White. Instructions included!...
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Morris Costumes

Bunny Stencil Accessory Kit

Each kit contains a complete set of stencils that have been taped in advance around the edges to prevent overspray. Also includes step by step instructions, plus a professional 8 1/2 by 11 color laser photo. Some of the faces require a color pancake base...
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Cinema Secrets Woochie

Cat Face Prosthetic

Top quality latex prosthetic nose with instructions and suggestions for a professional-looking application. Other items not included but needed are: spirit gum, spirit gum remover, and pink cream makeup. Optional items you may like to have on hand are...