Dead Fred Animatronic Prop

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Distortions Unlimited Dead Fred Animatronic Prop DU1972B


These hungry zombies may not be all there, but they're not going to miss a meal. Zombies are powered by (2) 12-volt batteries and run on (4) DC motors. When activated they groan, scream, and talk with numerous sounds and via digital sound onboard amp and speaker. Can turn right, left, low forward, and fast forward as arms crawl. Metal frame construction. Includes battery charger and can run for at least 4 hours on a single charge. The control is small (like a car lock remote) comes with 4 buttons - turn right, turn left, 2 speeds forward. The arms move independently. Makes sound when it is moving. The sound is all preprogrammed, the operator has no control over what sounds the prop makes and when. The prop moves slow and then slightly faster.