Buzz Saw Animated Prop

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Distortions Unlimited Buzz Saw Animated Prop DU2430


The huge spinning blade comes down with a loud menacing BUZZZZZZ. The hopeless victim screams, thrashes and kicks, as the blade rips into the gaping wound. AGHHH!!!! This elaborate illusion uses the actor's own head, arms and legs. The actor throws a switch to make the blade come down. A comfortable cushioned tube cradles the actor's body. The blade is made of a semi-soft material. This is an effect your patrons will not soon forget! Unit comes complete with beacon light, amp with speaker, cassette player, cassette and dressed latex and foam body. Requires AC power and 100-psi air compressor with air tank. Approx. 85 in. wide x 58 in. deep x 57 in. tall (allow 90 in. height when in operation). Ships freight. Contact for an exact shipping quote.

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